Born November 11, 1916 in Lubbock, TX.

Born January 8, 1917 in Durango, CO.

Son of Samuel T Jameson and Tennie Anne Berry

Daughter of Joseph Lechner and Georgie Gates Amos

Lewie Lawn Jameson

Mabel Lechner


Died July 7, 2010 in La Plata, CO.

Died August 24, 2009

Lou Ellen Jameson

The 1920 Census lists Lewie as residing in Lubbock, TX.


 Lewie and Mabel Jameson with Lou Ellen Jameson and Matthew Ortiz at their ranch in Blanding, Utah, 1999.


Pictures of Maybel Lechner Jameson




Early 1920's


May 25, 1923


Maybel at the school bus


Maybel at Rockwood School


Maybel's school bus 1930






Born March 7, 1871 in Springfield, Missouri

Born May 26, 1878 in Texas or Oklahoma

Son of William Jamison and Ruth A (?)

Daughter of William Kegterson Berry and Tennessee Ann Bean

Samuel T Jameson

Tennie Ann Berry

(aka Tenna, Tennessee) 

Married in 1894


Died January 22, 1957 in Durango, CO.

Alvin Jameson born 1903 in TX

Ethel Jameson born 1906 in TX

Grace Jameson born 1909 in TX

Jessie Jameson born 1911 in TX

Ernest Jameson born 1914 in TX

Lewie Lawn Jameson

Lillie Jameson born 1919 in TX

The 1880 Census lists Samuel as residing in Cass, MO.

The 1900 Census lists Samuel as residing in Lenora, OK.

The 1900 Census lists Tennie as Tenna S Jameson wife of Samuel.

The 1910 Census lists Samuel as residing in Plains, Chavez, NM.

The 1910 Census lists Tennessee Ann Jameson as wife of Samuel.

The 1920 Census lists Samuel as residing in Lubbock, TX.

The 1920 Census lists Tennie as Tennessee Ann Jameson wife of Samuel.

The 1930 Census lists Samuel as residing in Falfa, La Plata, CO.

The 1930 Census lists Tennie as Tennie Jameson wife of Samuel.

The 1910 Census lists Tennie as Tennesse A Jameson, wife of Samuel, residing in NM.  Her mother is listed as residing with them, but by the name Annie Berry.  This changing of names, I suspect, may have been intentionally misleading the government.  According to Lewie Lawn Jameson, when he was alive and in great mental state, his grandmother Tennesse Ann Bean was Cherokee.  He is also the one who stated that Tennie, his mother, was born in Oklahoma, whereas the Census shows her as being born in Texas.  Due to my trust in my great-grandfather Lewie, I am suspicious that they were trying to keep their identities secret and providing counter-intelligence to the Census takers.  If this is not the case, then my second theory is that one of the two of them may have been wanted by the law for some other reason.  Either way I think that incorrect information was intentionally recorded due to the contradictions and personal experience.

Either way I believe Samuel and Tennie were married in Oklahoma and he most likely had a land claim from the 1897 Land Rush in the no longer existant town of Lenora.  I believe they must have sold that land before moving further west to New Mexico.  The town Plains in Chavez County New Mexico also no longer exists.


Born in Tennessee

Born in 1845 or 1846 in Texas



William Kegterson Berry

Tennessee Ann Bean




Died December 31,?

Tennie Anne Berry

The 1880 Census lists a William berry born 1865 in TN as residing in Cooke, TX with his parents George and Rebeca, along with other children Charles, Eliza, Walter, and Minnie.  Father's birthplace was in South Carolina in 1818 and mother's birthplace in Tennessee in 1843.  I have no way to correlate this with other information though.  George listed both his parents being born in Virginia.  Rebecca listed that her father was born in North Carolina and mother in Tennessee.

The 1920 Census lists Tennessee (as Annie) as residing in Lubbock, TX.

She was alive during the 1930 Census.

All records list Tennessee as being born in Texas.  The 1920 Census records that her father was from Nova Scotia.  This is either an interesting fact or more misinformation provided to the government Census Takers as a means to not get caught being Indian or hide her identity as a fugitive.  As noted under Tennie Anne Berry there were multiple name changes reported.  My great-grandfather Lewie Jameson had told me about how his grandmother was Cherokee.  The locations seem to support the possibility of being Cherokee as do the use of the name Tennessee.  I think the name use could be a reference to the Trail of Tears having gone through Tennessee, perhaps something important happened there leading to her name.  I also suspect she may have actually have been born in Tennessee but instead reported it as Texas to appear to be from a separate settlement.  All censuses with race identify her as white, but I must remember that Cherokee had 'westernized' themselves long before that.  It should have been easy for Cherokee to claim to be white and may have even had white lineage due to earlier often intermarriage between white Americans and Cherokee.



Born in February 1823 in Kentucky.

Born in July 1839 in Tennessee.



William Jamison

Ruth A (?)

Married in 1866



Nelson A Jameson born 1855 in MO

James A Jameson born 1858 in MO

William D or G Jameson born 1860 or 1861 in MO

Cassander Jameson born 1863 in MO

Amanda Jameson born 1864 in MO

Alice Jameson born 1864 in MO

Minta Jameson born 1869 in MO

Samuel T Jameson

Susan A Jameson born 1873in MO

Alvin Jameson born 1875 in MO

Sarah Jameson born 1877 in MO

Orpha Jameson born 1880 in MO

Some of the children listed must have been from a previous wife or siblings of William.

The 1850 Census lists a Jamison with no first name, born in 1823 in KY, as residing in Benton, Newton, MO.

The 1850 Census lists another William Jameson as residing in Benton, Newton, MO with wife Rebecca and children Elizabeth, James, Nancy, Martha and Permelia.

The 1860 Census lists a William Jimerson, born 1824 in KY as residing in Cass, Green, MO.

The 1870 Census lists William with spelling Jameson, as his son would later use, as residing in MO.

The 1880 Census lists William, again as Jamison, living as a farmer in Cass, MO.

The 1900 Census lists William as residing in Coke, TX.

The 1910 Census lists Ruthie A Jameson as living wither her son Samuel in Plains, Chaves, NM.

The 1920 Census

The 1880, 1900, and 1910 Census list that Ruth's parents were both born in Tennessee.

I suspect that William was involved in the Civil War.  I suspect that, as living in Missouri which was a neutral state with people on both sides of the issue he may have been expecting the war and in 1860 either mispelt his name intentionally to avoid giving information to the Yankee Census Takers, or it may have been accidental mispelling.  He married in 1866 just after the end of the war, which was common for soldiers returning home.  He later moved to Texas, which was common for Confederate Soldiers, especially those from Missouri and Tennessee whose Union neighbors had the upper hand after the war.