Born August11, 1922 in Brooklyn, NY.

Born October 31, 1924 in Brooklyn, NY

Son of John Ortiz and Mary Elizabeth Quicker

Daughter of James Anson Barnes and Jennie Belle Barnes

William Earl Sheffield Ortiz

Madeline Belle Barnes

Married June 29, 1947

Died April 8, 2005 in Austin, TX due to liver cancer.

Died September 24, 2003 due to pneumonia.

Other medical conditions: heart attack, recurring cancer, hypertension.

Other medical conditions: heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer's.

William Ortiz

Calvin Ortiz

Deine Ortiz

Ronald Ortiz

Brian Ortiz

Doreen Ortiz

Katherine Ortiz

William enlisted in the Army Air Corps for " the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law" on July 16, 1942.  He was 71 inches and 145 pounds.  It said he had only 1 year of high school and that he had worked in the kitchen at hotels and restaurants and on a railroad and steamship (? he never said anything about that).  

Pictures of William Earl Sheffield


1) In his chair from Kate, 2005. 2) The tatoo that almost got him discharged.  In his life it always looked like the bomber he always said it was.  This pictures seems to show a story he once told me; that originally it was a heart with a dagger, and that he later had the original overdrawn to become a bomber to reduce the trouble he was in. 3) With one of his bowling teams.




 Army Days - Pop was always fond of his Army memories.  It is easy to see why.  It looks like he spent half the war on furlough! (Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, NY)

Bergstrom Army Air Field 








Pop with Jake Dintell


Pop with Jake Dintell


Destroyed Gliders


San Antonio





Is that the Alamo?

And who's that girl on his arm?






This might actually be in Temple. I feel like Pop told me that, but it is in a series with San Antonio and that wouldn't make sense.



Camp Lee



Dallas Park


Pop with Keysler





Lagoon in Dallas


Monument in Dallas

  With Family


Pop & Carol


Pop & Herra Hinch


Pop, Viola, & Marie


Pop's Siblings


Pop with Ida & Joie Travis


Pop with Irving, Carol, & family


Pop with Hernon, Barbara, & William


Pop with Irving & Lillian


Pop with Irving & Marie

 Pictures of Madeline Belle Barnes Ortiz

Nan as a child (the baby)


Nan, Marjorie, & Jimmy


Nan & siblings


Nan and a soldier

Born September 11, 1881 in Brooklyn, NY.

Born January 11, 1884 in Brooklyn, NY.

Son of John W S Ortiz and Lucy V McKenzie

Daughter of Fred Quicker and Elizabeth Stryker

John William Ortiz

Mary Elizabeth Quicker

Married October 11, 1905

Died January 8, 1941 in Springfield, NY.

Died February 2, 1956 due to gangreen complication of diabetes in Brooklyn.

 Viola Ortiz

 Helen Ortiz

 Edward Ortiz

 Florence Ortiz

 James Ortiz

 Irving Ortiz

 Marie Ortiz

William Earl Sheffield Ortiz

 Lillian Ortiz

According to William Earl Sheffield, Mary Elizabeth Quicker was born in Brooklyn, NY.  However, according to her report to the US Census she was born in Germany.

According to John's Christening record his middle name wasWilliam and his father's middle names were William Sheffield.  He was christened September 11, 1881 in Brooklyn, NY.

John's christening record is from 1881 and lists his parents full names.

The NY 1892 Census lists John as living in Brooklyn.

The 1900 Census lists John as living with his parents in Brooklyn, Ward 20, NY.

The 1910 Census lists John and Mary (May) as residing Brooklyn, Ward 20, NY with their children.  

On September 12, 1918 John registered for the draft for WWI.  It listed him as medium height and medium build with black eyes and brown hair.  His address was 392 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.  Today this is a pharmacy.  It said he was a clerk at Merchants Refg. Co. in Jersey City.  

The 1920 Census has Mary living in Saratoga, NY with her parents Fred and Elizabeth Quicker.  (Why is Mary listed on 2 Census that year?)

The 1920 Census also lists John and Mary living in Kings, NY with their children.

The 1930 Census lists John and Mary living in Brooklyn, NY with their children.

The 1940 Census lists John and Mary living in Queens, NY with their children.



John William Ortiz WWI Draft Card

Born in December 1851 in New York.

Born in 1863 in New York.

Son of John E A Ortiz and Christina Sheffield

Daughter of George David McKenzie and Elizabeth Rogers

John William Sheffield Ortiz

Lucy Virginia McKenzie

Married November 4, 1880

Died in 1920.

Died in 1931.

 John W Ortiz

William Ortiz

The 1880 Census has Lucy residing in Brooklyn, NY with her mother and two unrelated adults.

The 1900 Census lists John and Lucy residing in Brooklyn, Ward 20, NY with their children.  Its states John WS was born in December 1851 in NY and that his father was from Spain and his mother from NY.  It states that Lucy's father was from Scotland and her mother from England.

The 1905 NY Census lists John and Lucy living with their children and 4 unrelated people (3 of whom were immigrants).  They must have rented out their space!

The 1920 Census has Lucy residing in Kings, NY.

Born in 1822 or 1825 in Spain.

Born December 29, 1826 in New Rochell, NY.

Son of John Ortiz and Catherina aka Catharina (?)

Daughter of Robert L Sheffield and Harriet Davis

John E. A. Ortiz

Christina Sheffield

Married in 1849

Died July 7, 1894 in Newtown, Queens, NY

Died April 8, 1906

John W S Ortiz

 George Ortiz b. 1858 in NY (painter)

Eugene Ortiz b. 1862 in NY (painter)

John E A Ortiz was a Cutter for Tailor according to the 1880 Census.

The 1860 Census lists John and family living in Kings, NY and states he was born in 1825 in Spain.

A Civil War draft record book lists John Ortiz, born in Spain, as living at 2?4 Nary Street in Brooklyn.  The lines on the page has someting written above it that i cannot make out.  It also says he was a cutter.  It says he was about 40 years old in 1863.

The 1880 Census lists John and Christina residing in Newtown, Queens, NY.  It states he was born in Spain in 1825 and his parents were each also born in Spain.  It also states he was a White American.  It also lists that George and Eugene were both painters.

John's death certificate states he was born in 1822 in Spain and that his parents were John and Catherina.

<I have found that John's death certificate is on record: Item 3 in 4218 on film 1376366 on New York EASy but I have not been able to view it.>


John E A Ortiz Civil War Draft Record

Born in Spain

Born in Spain

John Ortiz


(aka Catherina)

(aka? Catalina?)

John E A Ortiz

Born in 1863 in Germany.

Born in Germany.

Fred Quicker

Elizabeth Stryker (Von Der Stroyk)

Mary Elizabeth Quicker

The 1920 Census has Fred and Elizabeth residing in Saratoga, NY.

Born January 6, 1820 in Scotland.

Born December 13, 1826 in England.

George David McKenzie

Elizabeth Rogers

Married June 2, 1846

Died June 1, 1874

Died April 23, 1884

Lottie McKenzie

 Agnes McKenzie

 George W McKenzie

Lucy Virgina McKenzie

Family history records have their last named spelt MacKenzie but every Census record I could find had their names reported as McKenzie.

The 1870 Census lists George residing in New York.  It also records him by the possible nickname Geo.

Born September 1, 1798 in New Rochelle, NY.

Born in New Rochelle, NY.

Robert L Sheffield

Harriet Davis

Married December 1, 1825.

Died March 17, 1849

Christina Sheffield

The 1800 Census lists a Robert Sheffield as residing in Ward 7 (Lower East Side) NY.

The 1830 Census lists a Robert Sheffield as residing in Ward 7 (Lower East Side, now Chinatown) NY.

The 1840 Census lists a Robert L Sheffield as residing in Kings, NY.

 There was a Robert Sheffield who fought in the Revolutionary War who had 10 children, which must be the cause of multiple Robert Sheffield's in NY over the following years.

I have surprisingly not been able to find any information about the Sheffields that corresponds with information I have been given my family elders.  The population of New Rochelle in 1790 was only 692 so some organization or church must have records on most of the population at that time.

There is a book  Historical Landmarks of New Rochelle, Morgan Seacord 1938 that I have found reference that contained the names of all the early settlers.  The book is too expensive though.  Maybe someday.  Possibly someday I might find the time to make it to New Rochelle myself.

Born January 16, 1892 in Lawrence, MI.

Born January 1, 1886 in either PA or NY.

Born 1880 in NY.

Son of Elmer Anson Barnes and Addie J Diltz

D. of William Barnes and Annie Elizabeth Devine

James Anson Barnes

Jennie Belle Barnes

Joseph Armstrong

Married 1901 

Married June 1, 1917

Died May 8, 1973 in Hershey, MI 


Died June 25, 1948 in Rosedale, NY 

Complications of diabetes.

Frank Armstrong 

Hope Armstrong

Hazel Armstrong 

 Lee Armstrong

Clifford Armstrong

Marjory Barnes born 1920 in NY

James Barnes born 1922 in NY

Madeline Belle Barnes

According to Madeline (Barnes) Ortiz, her mother Jennie was born in Pennsylvania.  She used to proudly talk about how some of her ancestors were Pennsylvania Dutch.  I always found it to be odd.  The census records I have found Jennie reported herself as being born in NY. There is no information I can find supporting her birth in PA.

The 1900 Census lists Jennie as born Jan 1884 and as the daughter of William and Annie Barnes in NYC.  It states William was born in NY and Annie was born in Ireland.  It lists a brother Frank born in Jun 1881 in NY.  This William Barnes was Jun 1835 and married Annie in 1870.  Annie was born in Nov 1845. 

The 1910 Census lists a William and Annie Barnes residing in Brooklyn with their daughter and son-in-law Jennie and Joseph Armstrong. It also lists that Annie immigrated to the US in 1860.  

The 1930 Census lists Jennie B Barnes as born in NY, father born in PA and mother born in Ireland. At this time Madeline was 6 years old. Perhaps Jennie was mistaken and this is when Nan got the idea that her grandfather was from PA when really it was his mother.

Documents of James Barnes and Jennie Barnes


Marriage Certificate


Front of Navy ID


Back of Navy ID


Navy Record


James Baptism Record


Jennie's Death Certificate

Pictures of James Anson Barnes


James at enlistment


James on USS Michigan


James at re-activation for WWII


James Barnes and Elmer Barnes


James and Jennie Barnes


James Barnes and wife in 1959

Pictures of Jennie Belle Barnes


 Born 1836 in New York (1880 census)

June 1835 in New York (1900 census)

Born 1832 in NY (1910 census)

 Born 1849 in Ireland (1880 census)

Born November 1845 in Ireland (1900 census)

Born 1847 in Ireland (1910 census)

 William H Barnes

 Annie Elizabeth Devine

 Married in 1870 (1900 census)

Married in 1877 (1910 census)

 Mary E Barnes

 Margreth E Barnes

 Charles H Barnes

 Anne E Barnes

 Emma C Barnes

 Frank Barnes

 Jennie Barnes

On November 6, 1851 a William Barnes enlisted at Perryville (near Syracuse) for the Civil War into the 101st NY Volunteers.  He was mustered on November 14, 1861.  On December 24, 1862 he was transferred to the Company K of the 37th NY Infantry, as a private.  The writing is unclear but it appears he was previously in a company under Captain Hendricks, and later Co. K was under Captain Sturges.  It said he was born in Schoharie, NY about 1834.  [Schoharie was also the birthplace of Uriel Barnes].  

A William H Barnes registered for the Civil War draft, born in Franklin, NY.  Another William H Barnes, a laborer from NY, registered for the draft.  Another William H Barnes from Thoop, NY registered for the draft 

The 1880 Census shows William H and Anne living in Brooklyn, NY.  William was born 1836 in Brooklyn and Anne born 1849 in Ireland.  William's job was listed as a night watchman.  They had children listed as Mary E Barnes 14, Margreth E Barnes 10, Charles H Barnes 9, Anne Barnes 7, and Emma C Barnes 4.  It states William's father was born in NY and his mother in PA.  

The 1900 Census claimed that William and Annie were married for 30 years, since 1870; but that she had been in the US only 20 years, immigration in 1880.  It also says that they rented their home in Brooklyn.  It says both of William's parents were born in NY.

The 1910 Census shows William and Annie living in Brooklyn with their daughter Jennie and her husband Joseph Armstrong.  It says that they were married 33 years, which would make their marriage about 1877.  It says both William's and Annie's parents were from Ireland.  This census says she gained citizenship in 1860.  She would have been 11 years old which is in line with family story that she was sent to the US to go to school.  William is recorded as born in 1838 in NY.

The 1860 Census lists a William Barnes born 1836 in NY as a single resident.  Separately there is a Williams H Barnes born in 1838 also single.

Possible Immigration:

There are hundreds of Annie Devine's that entered the US during those 2 decades.

May 3, 1861 the vessel Adriatic delivered an 11 year old Annie Devine from Galway via Liverpool, Ireland arriving in New York.  It was a 3670-ton steamer with 2 masts and 2 funnels.

July 23, 1857 the vessel Centurion delivered a 7 year old Irish Annie Devine from Liverpool arriving in New York.

June 24, 1854 the vessel Minnesota delivered a 7 year old Irish Annie Devine from Liverpool arriving in New York.

September 24, 1856 the vessel Mobile delivered a 14 year old Irish Ann Devine via Liverpool arriving in New York.

September 13, 1854 the vessel Hibernia delivered a 9 year old Irish Anne Devine via Liverpool arriving in Philadelphia.

January 9, 1868 an Anne Devine opened a bank account.  Her address was 101 N. 44th St., a domestic worker from Cavan, Ireland.

September 14, 1867 an Ann Devine opened a bank account.  Her address was illegible to me.


1880 Census William Barnes


1900 Census William Barnes


1910 Census William Barnes

Born May 7, 1861 in Lawrence, MI.

Born September 8, 1867 in Bangor, MI.

Son of Anson U Barnes and Elizabeth Shavey

Daughter of Hezekiah Dilts and Frances Martindale

Elmer Anson Barnes

Addie J Diltz

(aka Adda, aka Hattie, aka Delts, aka Dilts)

Married in 1884

Died July 30, 1846 in Plainwell, MI.

Birdie Barnes b. July 1887 in MI

Zelle Barnes b. 1888 or Mar 1889 in Kalamazoo MI

James Anson Barnes

Howard Lee Barnes

Francis Sarah Barnes b. December 31, 1897 in Caldwell MI 

Grace Blanche Barnes

Pauline Barnes 1902-1902

Armice Katherine Barnes 1907-1908

Robert L Barnes b. July 13, 1927 in Kalamazoo MI

Elmer's death certificates states he was a Carpenter.

The 1880 Census lists Elmer residing at two places.  He is listed with his parents in Lawrence, MI and also as residing with and working for his uncle as a farm worker in Kalamo, MI.  We have a photo of him as a teenager on a porch with a large extended family full of people that we didn't previously know who they were, standing on the porch of a farmhouse.  His uncle's name was Theodore, married to Eliza J Barnes.  Other household members were Earnest Barnes 5, Minnie Barnes 3, Lansing Barnes 72, and Mariah Barnes 72.

The 1900 Census lists Elmer as residing in Manton Villiage, MI.  It says their children Birdie, Zelle, James, Howard, Francis, and Grace lived with them.

The 1910 Census lists Elmer as residing in Lawrence, MI.  It says their children Howard, Franics, Grace, and Robert lived with them.

The 1920 Census lists Elmer as residing in Kalamazoo, MI.  It says he owned his home and that his son Robert with wife Janine, his daughter Franics (Chambers), two grandchildren Clifford and Marjorie from NY, and grand-daughter Janeece Chambers from OK lived with them.

The 1930 Census lists Elmer and Addie as residing in Kalamazoo, MI.  His grand-daughter June Stewart and two renting tenants lived with them.

The 1940 Census list Elmer as living with his daughter Sarah (Born) and son-in-law Harold in Kalamazoo, MI.  It states that he was widowed by this time.

Elmer's death certificate shows him as being buried August 1, 1946 in Lawrence, MI.  I am currently assuming there is a family plot there with his parents.

Pictures of Elmer Anson Barnes


Elmer in back of family


Elmer in front right of extended family. I suspect these are uncle's family listed in 1880 Census.



Elmer with his son James


Elmer with his grandparents Uriel Barnes and Huldah Gibbs


Born September 21, 1896 in Caldwell, MI Born August 22, 1906
Son of Elmer Anson Barnes and Addie J Diltz Daughter of ?

Howard Lee Barnes

Lydia Reynolds        

Married ?
Died April 8, 1953 Died June 16, 1983
Howard Lee Barnes

Howard Lee Barnes was estranged from his parents for an unknown reason.

Born November 19, 1924 Born May 20, 1928
Son of Howard Lee Barnes & Lydia Reynolds Daughter of ?

Howard Leroy (nee Lee) Barnes

Janet Hattie Harriet

Married December 24, 1950
Died December 9, 2009 Died July 16, 2014
Living Child
Living Child
Living Child

Howard joined the Marines when he was 17 and deployed to the Pacific Theater.  During his 18 year career he received 2 Purple Hearts and 1 Bronze Star.  One of his Purple Hearts was due to being shot in the shoulder at Saipan (today referred to as Taiwan). 

He is buried at Fort Custer National Cemetery.

Born in January 1837 in Michigan.

Born in October 1840 or 1841 in New York.

Son of Uriel F Barnes and Huldah Gibbs

Anson U Barnes

Elizabeth Shavey

(aka E. Sarah Shavey)

 Married 1860 

Died January 7, 1921 in Lawrence, MI.

Elmer Anson Barnes

E Clara Barnes

 C Adda Barnes

 S Bill Barnes

W Grove Barnes

M Grace Barnes

Anson was a farmer.

According to his death certificate he was already widowed, as does the 1910 Census.

The 1850 Census lists Anson as residing in Lawrence, MI.

The 1860 Census lists Anson as residing in Lawrence, MI with his mother and siblings.  It says his property is worth $140 (2012 equivalent to $3900).  It stated he was a farmer, but also that he had attended school that year.

The 1880 Census lists Anson as residing in Lawrence, MI.

The 1900 Census lists Anson and Libbie in Lawrence, MI nearby the home of his son Elmer.  It said he was a farmer and both of them could read and write.  He owned his home free from mortgage.  

The 1910 Census lists Anson as residing in Lawrence, MI.

The 1920 Census lists Anson as a widow residing in Lawrence, MI.  It states his father was born in NY and his mother in CT.  He had a female housekeeper living with him.  It said that he owned his home without mortgage and that he could read and write.  



1860 Census Anson Barnes


1880 Census Anson Barnes


1900 Census Anson Barnes


1910 Census Anson Barnes


1920 Census Anson Barnes

Born October 10, 1794 in Schoharie, New York.  

Born August 5, 1794 in Oneida, Madison, New York

 possibly Son of Abel Barnes and Midwell Roberts

Uriel Tuttle Barnes

( aka Uriel F Barnes)

Huldah Ann Gibbs

(aka Nulda)

 possibly Married August 30, 1821 in Floyd, Oneida, NY

 Died July 3, 1853

from Acute Hernia

 Died September 30, 1867

Truman S Barnes

 William M Barnes

 Mary S Barnes

Harlo G Barnes

Sarah Barnes

Anson U Barnes

On September 1, 1838 Uriel purchased 40 acres of land listed on document number 5607.

The 1840 Census lists Uriel P Barnes as residing in Lawrence, MI.  He has 1 adult female and 7 children.

The 1850 Census lists Uriel as residing in Lawrence, MI.  It states he was a farmer and that his property was valued at $800 (2012 equivalent $23,500).

An 1850 enumeration showed that Uriel owned 50 improved acres plus 32 unimproved acres worth $800 plus $75 (2012 equivalent $2200) worth of farming implements or machinery and had 4 milk cows, 2 working oxen, 9 other cattle, 83 sheep, and 5 swine valued at $365 (2012 equivalent $10,700).  He also had 60 bushels of wheat, 300 bushels of indian corn, and 100 bushels of oats.

The 1860 Census lists Huldah as residing in Lawrence, MI but Uriel is no longer referenced with her.  It shows per property valued at $2000 (2012 equivalent $55,500).  In addition to her children there is an unrelated young English farmer living with them who must have been an employee.

The Census lists Huldah as being White and born in New York which was a surprise to me.  According to Madeline Barnes her great-grandmother was Potawatomi and we had the below picture of her being clearly Indian.  Nan had made mention though that she had avoided being sent away from Michigan to Oklahoma with the tribe by claiming to be white.  These stories marvelously come together and prove that the census was susceptible to counter-intelligence that the Natives were providing!  This makes me confident that the Census was wrong with another ancestor it shows was white by eye-witness account was Indian.  Perhaps the Census Enumerators were sensitive to the issue.

Buried at Lawrence Village Pioneer Cemetery.



1840 Census Uriel Barnes


1850 Census Uriel Barnes


Uriel's 1850 Assets


Uriel Barnes Tombstone

Huldah Gibbs Tombstone


1860 Census Huldah Barnes

Born December 30, 1840 in Savannah, NY.

Born November 12, 1846 in New York.

Son of William Dilts and Phebe A Nichols

Daughter of Bennet Martindale and Mary Peerce

Hezekiah K Dilts

(aka Hezakiah, aka Diltz)

Frances Martindale

(aka Francis)

Married September 23, 1866 in Arlington, MI.

Died April 18, 1915 in Dowagiac, MI.

Died December 24, 1904

Addie J Diltz

Alphonse Dilts

Hezekiah was discharged as a Sergeant from Company I, 17th Michigan Infantry.  Having attained the rank of Sergeant he likely fought in many of the regiment's battles.  They fought in the great battles of: South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Spotsylvania Court House, Petersburg, and Appomattox.  This means he at least fought in the battle that ended with General Lee's surrender.

His death certificate lists his occupation as "old soldier."

The 1870 Census lists Hezekiah as residing in Bangor, Van Buren, Michigan.  It lists that he was a farmer.  He has a separate space with his children, preceeding his father's record so they must have lived next door.

The 1900 Census lists Hezekiah as residing in Bangor, MI with Francis, their daughter, and 3 grandchildren.  He is still listed as a farmer.  His father is no longer in the next residence.

Here is a copy of his service record:  Dilts, Hezekiah" Lawrence. Enlisted in company I, Seventeenth Infantry, May 29, 1862, at Lawrence, for 3 years, age 21. Mustered Aug. 16, 1862. Wounded in action at South Mountain, Md., Sept. 14,- 1862. Sergeant April 29, 1865. Mustered out at Delaney House, D. c., June
3, 1865· Present residence, McDonald, Mich.

The Battle of South Mountain, where it is noted he was wounded, was the first major battle the regiment fought.  His being wounded there means that he probably did not fight in the Battle of Antietam three days later.  The Battle of South Mountain, however, earned the regiment the nickname "Stonewall Regiment."



Hezekiah Diltz Death Certificate


1900 Census Hezekiah Diltz

Born in 1815 or 1816 in New York.

Born in in 1820 New York.

William Dilts

Phebe A Nichols

Hezekiah Dilts

 The 1870 Census lists William and Phebe A as residing in Bangor, Van Buren, MI.  It lists that his property was valued at $4,000 (2012 equivalent $70,000) and that his personal Estate was valued at $1,200 (2012 equivalent $21,000) and that he was a farmer.  It listed 3 people living with them: 1 domestic servant, 1 farm worker, and 3rd not noted.


1870 Census William Dilts

Born October 1822 in Vermont.

Born in 1823 in New York.

Bennet Martindale

Mary A Peerce

Died April 1, 1903

Lucy Martindale

Frances Martindale

James Martindale

Samuel Martindale

Bennet's death certificate stated he was a farmer and that he was already widowed by the time of his death.

The 1850 Census lists Bennet as residing in Pike, NY.

The 1860 Census lists Bennet as residing in Arlington, Van Buren, MI.

The 1870 Census lists Bennet as residing in Bangor, Van Buren, Michigan.

The 1880 Census lists Bennet and Mary A as residing in Bangor, Van Buren, MI.

The 1900 Census lists Bennet as residing in Bangor, Van Buren, MI; widowed, born October 1822, and that both his parents were born in Vermont.

Bennet was listed as a resident of Arlington, Van Buren, MI on his Civil War draft record.


1860 Census Bennet Martindale


1870 Census Bennet Martindale


1880 Census Bennet Martindale


1900 Census Bennet Martindale


Bennet Martindale Death Certificate


Bennet Martindale Draft Record

 possibly Born June 19, 1764 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England

 possibly born 1772 in England

 Abel Barnes

 Midwell Roberts

 Died 1860 in Grand Rapids, MI

 Uriel Barnes

Unsubstantiated online data.