Born June 20, 1855 in Meigs, OH.

Born in West Virginia.

Son of Jeremiah Williams and Sarinda Hayward


Charles Albert Williams

(aka Williamson, aka Bud)

Lucy Belle Summerville


Died in Denver, CO; February 27, 1940.

Died January 1, 1894

Alice May Williams

 The 1910 Census lists Charles A Williams as residing with his daughter and son in law in Hale, Yuma, CO and was widowed at that time.  It says his father was from New Jersey and his mother from Ohio.





Charles Death Certificate








Charles and Lucy Williams 1939


Lucy Williams










 Born July 7, 1826 in Rahway, New Jersey.

 Born May 13, 1827 in Meigs, OH.


 Son of Abraham and Margaret Williams

 Daughter of Lewis Hayward and Nancy Sloan


 Jeremiah Martling Williams

 Sarinda Hayward

 Josephus Spaun

 Married March 24, 1852



 Married November 4, 1866 in Meigs, OH

 Died July 20, 1862 in Ohio.

Other source says at Andersonville, GA.

 Died March 31, 1911 in Kanorado, Kansas.




 Charles A Williams


 Albert B Williams 


 Almaren Williams


 Dail Williams



 Florence Spaun

The 1850 Census shows Jeremiah living with his parents, A.H. and Margaret Williams in Lodi, Athens, OH.  It supports that he was born in New Jersey in 1826.  It states he was a 24 year old farmer with no personal real estate. 

The 1860 Census shows Jeremiah and Sarinda as livingin Bedford, Meigs, OH.  It said he was a merchant with Real Estate worth $200 (2012 equivalent $5500) and personal property worth $1000 (2012 equivalent $27,750).  It shows Jeremiah as born in New Jersey and Sarinda in Ohio.  

unsubstantiated: Jeremiah died due to wounds as a Civil War POW at Andersonville.

US Military Record says Jeremiah enlisted as a Private on September 23, 1861 into the 18th Ohio Infantry, Co. D.  He was later promoted to Corporal.  It says he was mustered out on July 20, 1862.  

In 1872 Sarinda, Josephus, Albert, and Florence moved to Iowa and later to Sherman County Kansas.



1850 Census Jeremiah Williams


Jeremiah Williams Tombstone


Sarinda Hayward Tombstone




 Born January 16, 1798 in Rahway, NJ

 Born April 8, 1796 in Rahway, NJ

 Son of Henry and Elizabeth Williams

 Daughter of Samuel Force and Sarah Bird

 (Father) Abraham Martling Williams

 Margaret Byrd Force

 Married 1820 in New Jersey

 Died November 3, 1881

 Died May 29, 1870

 Jeremiah Williams

 Waldren Williams

 Mary Williams

 Margaret Williams

 Susan H Williams

 Helen Williams

 William H Williams

The 1830 Census lists Abraham Williams with 1 adult woman and 3 children living in Carthage, Athens, OH.  

The 1840 Census lists Abraham Williams with 1 adult woman and 7 children living in Lodi, Athens, OH.

The 1850 Census lists AH and Margaret Williams living with their children in Lodi, Athens, OH.  It shows they were born in NJ, he in 1796 and she in 1795.  It says he was a farmer with real estate worth $700 (2012 equivalent $20,500).  

The 1860 Census lists Abraham and Margaret living in Lodi, Athens, OH.  He born in 1796 and she in 1806.  It says he had real estate worth $3000 (2012 equivalent $83,333) and personal property worth $715 (2012 equivalent $19,850).  

The 1870 Census lists Abraham living with a Mary Sloan and her children in Lodi, Athens, OH.  It says he was born in 1798 in NJ.  It lists him as a farmer with $4000 (2012 equivalent $70,000) worth of real estate and $600 (2012 equivalent $10,500) of personal property.  

The 1880 Census lists Abraham living with an Emily Williams and her children, and shows his relationship as her father.  It says he was born in 1798 in NJ.  It also shows that he was divorced!  

Obituary, Athens Messenger, 10 Nov 1881     'Abraham M. Williams died at the residence of his son, Wilbur Williams, in Lodi Township, Athens Co., Ohio, Nov. 3d., 1881, aged 83 years, 9 months, and 17 days.  He was born in the State of New Jersey, and came to this State in the year 1829.  He professed faith in Christ and was baptised by Elder D.C. Topping and united with the Lodi Church of Freewill Baptist in the year 1840, in which he was a worthy member until trouble arose in the church and it lost its visibility, he remaining out of any organization for some years, when under labors of Rev. J. Carpenter and the writer he re-engaged anew in the service of the Lord, joining the Pratt's Fork church, of which he remained a worthy member until that church went down, since which he has not been connected with any organization.  He was the father of eleven children, seven of whom are still living.  His last words were, "I am ready and willing to go."     'Having preached some years ago for those churches, I enjoyed many pleasant hours with Father Williams in the service of the Lord.  His house was a pleasant home for the ministers of Christ.  A large and sympathizing congregation was present at the funeral, in which the writer was assisted by Rev. J.W. Martin.     'H.J. Carr'

They are buried at Pratt's Fork Cemetary in Pratt's Fork Ohio.


1830 Census Abraham Williams


1840 Census Abraham Williams


1850 Census A H Williams


1870 Census Abraham Williams


1880 Census Abraham Williams

Abraham Williams Obituary


Abraham Williams


Abraham Williams Tombstone


Margaret Byrd Williams


Margaret Byrd Williams


Margaret Byrd Williams Tombstone

Margaret Byrd Williams Tombstone

 Born 1757 in Rahway, NJ

 Born March 30, 1760 in Elizabeth, NJ



 Samuel Force

 Sarah Bird


 Died April 4, 1826 in Rahway, NJ

 Died March 12, 1833 in Woodbridge, NJ

 Margaret Byrd Force

unsubstantiated data


 Born December 19, 1755 in Westfield, NJ

 Born 1753 in Elizabeth, NJ


 Daughter of Samuel Yeomans

 Son of John and Rachel Williams

 Daughter of Soloman and Elizabeth Brecount


Lydia Yeomans

 Henry Williams

 Elizabeth Brecount

 Jonathon Scudder



 Baptized May 23, 1753 at Saint John Episcopal Church, Elizabeth, NJ





 Married 1799



 Died 1808 in Union City, NJ

 Died in 1799



  Henry Williams



 Joseph Williams



 Peggy Williams



  Peter Williams



 Rachel Williams



  Lydia Williams



 Abraham Martling Williams



 Hester Williams


Henry Williams was a minute man in the Essex county, NJ militia. He wastaken prisoner by th e British, confined in the "Sugar House" in New York,where his sufferings unfitted him for further duty. He was born and died in Westfield NJ.

Source: DAR ID Number 17843 page 182, volume 18

Henry Williams lived in the old house at the corner of Raritan Road and the road coming down f rom Garwood. Married 1st Lydia Yeomans; Married 2nd Elizabeth Scudder. (Brecount - See Below)

[Greaves also gives death date as 1840]

Elizabeth Brecount

1753 Baptised May 23 St. John's Episcopal Church, Elizabeth NJ.

Son of Solomon Brecount (baptised w/ Daniel, David and Effa).  First Husband Jonathon Scudder


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley names Henry Williams






 Born 1710 in Woodbridge, NJ

 Born 1708 in Woodbridge, NJ



 Soloman Brecount

 Elizabeth Coddington


 Died in 1791

 Died 1756 in Woodbridge, NJ

 Elizabeth Brecount

Relationship established in daughter's baptism.  Other info unsubstantiated. 

 Born 1722 in Livingston, NJ

 Born 1727 in Livingston, NJ

 Son of Nathaniel and Sarah Williams

 Daughter of Jonathan and Lydia Squire

 John Williams

 Rachel Wade

 Married February 14, 1754

 Died April 11, 1782 in Westfield, NJ

 Died in 1791 in Livingston, NJ

Henry Williams 

 John Williams

 David Williams

 Squire Williams

 Smith Williams

 Abner Williams

Rachel, John and Miles Williams at locations Section II, Row G, graves 53, 52 and 51, respectively.

1782, April 10. Williams, John of Elizabeth Borough, Essex County, will of Sons Cornelius and Squire, house and 20 acres of land ......... to be divided among my sons Noah, Henry, David, Smith, Ezekiel, Abner, and Lewis.... grandson John Williams ...


Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley names John Williams


John Williams Tombstone


Rachel & John Williams' Tombstones




 Born 1693 in Newark, NJ

 Born 1702 in Newark, NJ

 Son of Crispin Squire

 Grand-daughter of Wiliam Camp

 Jonathan Squire

 Lydia Camp


 Died 1789 in Livingston, NJ

 Died 1777 in Livingston, NJ

 (Captain) John Squire

 (Captain) Nathaniel Squire

 (Captain) Samuel Squire

 (Captain) Zopher Squire

 (Captain) Elijah Squire

 Rachel Wade

Lydia was the grand-daughter of the founder of Newark, NJ and there are many historical records on the family.  I will attach a formal paper citing several sources below.  I do not find the relationship to Rachel Wade though.  There is an unofficial record I found listing a Rachel as one of their children, perhaps Wade was the name of a first husband.

Jonathan participated in the French & Indian Wars by transporting troops.  "A document owned by the Squier family indicates that Jonathan Squier also transported men to Albany, where the army was then assembling for it's march on Quebec. The un-receipted bill, penned in Jonathan Squier's neat hand, reads;King George, Detter to Jonathan Squier March 1756To expense at my one (own) house 3-0-0On the way to the point eating 2-0-0At Camps 0-3-0Ferring over my men 1-0-0 Paid on passage to Albany 0-16-0________9-19-0Both the Hanoverian George II and his over fed grandson who succeeded him defaulted on this modest bill. It can be safely assumed that Jonathan Squier along with Ellis Cook was traveling with the NJ provincial troops and that his son Zopher was among the troops in route to Ft Oswego."

"Family tradition says Jonathan Squier was a Capt of the Battoe men but no proof has been found."

"We find all the Squier men mentioned again among the Revolutionary rosters of Squier's Company on Sept 1777.Newark, NJ. Under then Major Nathaniel Hayes. Even Jonathan Squier, as an old man came down off the 2nd Orange mountain to join the fight. (National Archives microfilm M246 roll 64 Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783 NJ) The old homestead of Jonathan Squier built before the revolution (exact date unknown) is still standing on the east side of Walnut St Livingston, NJ. It was occupied by 9 generations of Squier's."


Lydia (Camp) Squire Tombstone


"Old Neward History" discusses Jonathan Squire and his sons in the Revolutionary War





 Born 1698 in Elizabethtown, NJ

 Born February 28, 1707 in NJ


 Son of Samuel and Esther Williams



 Nathaniel Williams

 Sarah ?

 William Dixon II




 Married in 1765

 Died September 16, 1764 in Newark, NJ

 Died February 17, 1778 in Newark, NJ


John Williams


Anabel Williams


"His otherwise well-preserved sandstone stele was found broken and toppled over in March 2004, but has since be repaired. Burial: First Presbyterian Church of Hanover Hanover Morris County New Jersey, USA"


Nathaniel Williams Tombstone


Sarah [Williams] Dixon Tombstone





 possibly Born in 1654 in Hempstead, NY

 Born January 4, 1653 in Wethersfield, CT

Born in 1666 in Wethersfield, CT 


 Son of Mathew and Susan Williams

 Daughter of Nathaniel and Esther Wheeler

 Phebe Wood

Samuel Williams 

 Esther Wheeler




 Married in 1690 in Elizabethtown, NJ

 possibly Died in 1686

 Died May 4, 1706 in Elizabethtown, NJ

 Died in 1706 in Elizabethtown, NJ

 Esther Williams


 Samuel Williams


 Joseph Williams



Susanna Williams 


Sarah Williams 


Esther Norris


 Nathaniel Williams


David Williams 


 Josiah Williams

Samuel WILLIAMS was born on 4 Jan 1652 in Wethersfield, Hartfort, Connecticut.  He died on 4 May 1706 in Elizabethtown, Essex (Now Union), New Jersey.  Will of Samuel Williams of Elizabethtown, Essex county, NJ was dated May 4th, 1706. It was proved on Nov. 5, 1706. Legatees: Sons, Joseph, Samuel, Nathaniel, David, Josiah; daughters, Susana, Sarah, Ester. Executors: Brother Nathaniel Whiler, cousin Amose Williams. Overseers: Father Whiller and brother Mathew Williams. Witnesses: John Willis, Thomas Kene, Jeremiah Osborn.

Esther Wheeler's relationships are documented in the will of her grandfather, Thomas Wheeler.  She was willed 50 shillings (2012 equivalent £27).  

Scanned pages from an unnamed book, written in style typical of early to mid twentieth century historical writing, says that Samuel moved to Elizabethtown in Second Branford Emmigration.  It also shows his relationship to his parents.  

 Born February 20, 1642 in Milford, CT

 Born July 2, 1647 in Milford, CT

 Son of Thomas and Joan Wheeler

 Daughter of Henry Botsford

 Nathaniel Wheeler

 Esther Botsford

 Married June 27, 1665 in Milford, CT

 Died October 4, 1726 in Newark, NJ

 Died March 14, 1732 in Newark, NJ

 Esther Wheeler

 Nathaniel Wheeler

 Elizabeth Wheeler

In 1723 Nathaniel donated land to establish a cemetery at the First Presbyterian Church of Orange in Newark, NJ.

He was one of the founders of Newark, NJ and later of Orange, NJ.

Nathaniel was recorded in his father's will.


Nathaniel Wheeler Plaque


Nathaniel Wheeler Tombstone





 Born April 8, 1620 in Cranfield, England

 Born in 1614 or 1619 in Milford, CT

 Son of Thomas and Ann Wheeler

 Daughter of Thomas and Francis Bryan

 Thomas Wheeler

 Joan Bryan

 Married in 1635 or 1636 in Milford, CT

 Died November 25, 1672 in Milford, CT

 Died June 11, 1673 in Milford, CT

John Wheeler 

 Sarah Wheeler

 Samuel Wheeler

 ?Samuel Wheeler?

 Nathaniel Wheeler

 Ephriam Wheeler

Elzeazer Wheeler 

 Obadiah Wheeler

 Thomas Wheeler

Josiah Wheeler 

 Joseph Wheeler

?Joseph Wheeler? 

 ?Obadiah Wheeler?

Thomas Wheeler was admitted to the church at Milford 9 Aug 1640. His wife Jane [Joane] was admitted 27 Sept 1640.

Thomas Wheeler was Deputy (Milford) to Conn. Leg., May & Oct 1670, May 1671.He died 25 November 1672; will proved 11 June 1673 his wife was buried Milford 11 June 1673.  Her inv. 23 June 1673.(Inv. of widow Joan 23 June 1673.) sources: Jacobus - Vol 1 The Families of Old Fairfield, p679 - 1930; p 663   also "add and cor to the Families of Old Fairfield p 38 " Susan Woodruff Abbott - Families of Early Milford CT 1979 p797/9


Will of Thomas:

The last will and testament of me, Thomas Wheeler of Milford, in y county of New Haven in New England in manner and forme as followeth; I Thomas Wheeler being sicke of body, but of sound understanding and memory blessed be God, doe will as followeth:

 Imprimis: I doe give to me eldest son John Wheeler, beside y portion y have already given to him, the sume of twently shillings (2012 equivalent £11):

 Item, a parcell of meadow lieing on Stratford side in Oronacke meadow be it more or less, with three acres of upland lieing on the same side, both of which parcells and the whole of them with y respectice privilidges belong - unto them, I doe give and bequeath unto my son John Wheeler for and dureing his naturall life and then after his decease, my Will is that his three eldest daughters Sarah, Mary, and Elizabeth, should have it equally divided amongst them, or the survivors of them and their heyres forever. 

 It: To  my second son Nathaniel Wheeler, besides what he hath already received, I doe now give him y sume of twenty shillings (2012 equivalent £11) and to his daughter Esther Wheeler fifty shillings (2012 equivalent £27) .

 I doe give and bequeath unto my sons Ephraim Wheeler and Joseph Wheeler the upland and meadow, both in y upper meadows and fresh meadows, that I bought from Mr. Zackariah Whitman, with y respective privilidges and appurtenances belonging thereunto to be equally divided between them for both quality and quantity by casting a lot in case they cannot satisfieingly agree otherwise: Item y meadow and upland I bought of Mrs Joanna Prudden, lyeing by or neare to Stratford River, with all the privilidges and appurtenances therunto belonging to be equally divided between Ephraim and Joseph as aboves. - Item, I doe give unto them my two home lotts, those I bought of William Roberts and that I bought of Ens John Streame now lieing all together to be equally divided betweene them, as aboves both the mand and fenceing according to acres. Item, that parcell of upland y bought of John Browne Senior lyeing in Stubby Playne be it more or less. Item, that parcell of meadow lieing on the indyan side, betweene Thomas Welch and Andrew Sanford Sen - Item, another parcell of meadow lieing in y point next to Lt William Fowler and soe by y river to y mouth of a little creeke and soe thence on a square to the upland on his way northward. 

 Another parcell or halfe of it, being y upland y lies on y calves pen hill being y part of his dividion y lies on the northwest end or side of y hill, which halfe of theirs, is to be y p y lieth next to unto Thomas Welch, all of which parcells of upland and meadow are to be equally divided between Ephraim and Joseph.

 I give to each of them a gun and sword and ammunition, according to law onely Ephraim shall have his choyce: - Item, unto my son Ephraim I give one feathered bed, one of the best. Item, one coverlid and in brasse six pounds (2012 equivalent £783) worth and in pewter two pounds (2012 equivalent £261) worth, Item, two yeare old heifer, a payre of new wheels with iron hoops, he procuring and of them to be made and my wife shall pay for them, as alsoe one plow with irons to it and one chanye and iron braces for a horse. And further my Will is that in case he dyes and leaves no heyres of his own body then my Will is that one halfe on his lands shall returne to his brethren: And further my Will is, if Josepg dye before he comes of age to receive his portion which is at his accomplishing of one and twenty yeares, then it is my Will that Ephraim shall ahve the first refusall of all the land both of upland and meadow, that is now bought of Mr. Whitman and Mrs. Prudden he shall not pay any more for it then it cost mee. And furthermy Will is that Ephraim shall have foure hogs  of a yeare old and four sheepe, Item, My Will is concerning Joseph, in case he dye after he hath received his portion, without any lawful heyre of his owne body , that then y one halfe of his lands shall returne to his brethren surviving - Item, it is my Will y my son Joseph shall continue with his mother till he come to age of two and twenty yeares and y Ephraim and Joseph they are to maintaine the two parcells of fence against Adding playns.

 I give unto my son Thomas Wheeler the one halfe of all my landsand meadows that I have not already disposed o, with y one halfe of the orchard, barnes, garden, yards, and well, and concerning my dwelling house, my Will is, that he shall have part of it yet I doe reserve to my wife the north end below with the leantoo belonging to it as alsoe her liberty to make use of the hall, cellar, buttery, with y chamber over the hall with the chimney and oven according to her need and desire dureing the time of her naturall life, And after her decease my Will is, that the whole accomodations not already willed otherwise shalbe my son Thomas Wheelers, to him and his heyres forever, and in case he dyes and leaves now lawfull heyre of his owne body, that then my will is, as of his formew brethren soe he also shall leave one halfe of his lands to his brethren remaining - Item, my Will is, that Thomas shall continue with his mother till he is two and twenty years old. Item, I give to my son Thomas y one halfe of my teame, the whole being two oxen and a horse, the halfe of the cart and wheels plow and plow irons, the halfe of two chanyes and the horse braces. Alsoe, my Will is that my son Thomas Wheeler shall not receive his portion untill he is two and twenty years old. And in case either of my sons dyes before they come to age then his or their portion shall be divided among the mother and surviveing children equally.

 Item: My will is to give unto my son John Wheelers three daughters aforementioned fifty shillings  (2012 equivalent £27) apiece, or to each of them; Item I doe give to my brothers children here viz: William, Thomas, and Sarah ten pounds (2012 equivalent £1310) to be equally divided amongst them.

 Item: My Will is to give to y Reverend pastor of y church Mr Roger Newton fifty shillings (2012 equivalent £27) , Item to y church of Christ in Milford fifty shillings (2012 equivalent £27) to be distributed to the poore. All which aboves Legacys, my will is they should be payd by my Executrix within one yeare after my decease.

 Item: I give and bequeath unto my deare adn loveing wife Joane Wheeler all the rest of my goods and estate reall and personall whatsoever lyeing in Milford or elsewhere, whom I doe constitute, make and ordaine the sole executrix of this my last will and testament willing and desireing her duely to educate her children in the loving ways of God and to prepare for their latter ends, And in case my loveig wife shall see it her way againe to dispose of herselfe in marriage that then my Will is that she shall have power onely to dispose of one hundred pounds (2012 equivalent £13,100) of my goods , but the rest to my owne children or theirs. And in case my son Thomas Wheeler shall see cause to build and set up a dwelling house either adjoining to this house or elsewhere for his present personall use to dwell in that then my will is that my wife shall allow him twenty pounds (2012 equivalent £2610) towards it out of her estate - Item, my will is to entreate and desire my loveling friends Mr. Robert Treat and brother Daniell and Samuell Buckingham to be y overseers of this my last will and testament, entreating them to be helpful to my Executrix and to leand their best helpe and counsell as there may be need. And to y ratification and confirmation thereof, I have this eighteenth of November one thousand six hundred and seventy two sett to my hand and seale.


                                                                         Thomas X Wheeler




published and declared to be my last

will and testament in y presence

of us witnessing as well as signed

and sealed

Robert Treate

Samll. Buckingham

Daniell Buckingham

will found in "The History of the Wheeler Family in America" compiled by Albert Gallatin Wheeler ca 1905, pages 202-205

 Born June 20, 1554 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England

 Born March 13, 1569 in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England



 Thomas Bryan

 Francis Faith Bowling



 Died in October ? in Saint Giles Cripplegate, London, England

 Died September 24, 1624 in Aylesbury, England

 Joan Bryan

Unsubstantiated data

 Born May 30, 1591 in Bedfordshire

 Born in 1590 in Wharley, Bedfordshire, England

 Born April 8, 1620 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire


 Son of Thomas and Rebecca Wheeler


 Ann Halsey

 Thomas Wheeler

 Mary Beckley

 Married May 5, 1613 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England



 Married April 8, 1635 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England

 Died October 20, 1659 in Fairfield, CT

Died August 23, 1654 in Fairfield, CT 


 Joseph Wheeler


 Alice Wheeler


 F Richard Wheeler


 Maria Wheeler


 Alice Wheeler


 Hannah Wheeler


 Ann Wheeler


 William Wheeler


 Thomas Wheeler


 Rebecca Wheeler


 Sarah Wheeler



Isaac Wheeler 


 Elizabeth Wheeler


 Sarah Wheeler

Thomas is recorded on October 7, 1641 as a 'Massachusetts Applications of Freemen' C. R., Vol. I. p. 315; although I haven't yet determined what this means.

 Born in 1561 in Odell, Bedfordshire

 Born in 1572 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Son of John and Alice Wheeler


 Thomas William Wheeler

 Rebecca Sayre

 Married February 11, 1601 in Bedfordshire

 Died February 11, 1635 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Died May 3, 1653 in Cranford Bedfordshire

Thomas Wheeler 

 Prsicilla Wheeler

 Grace Wheeler

 Elizabeth Wheeler

?Thomas Wheeler?

 Timothy Wheeler

 George Wheeler

 Susanna Wheeler

 John Wheeler

 Joseph Wheeler

 Abiah Wheeler

 Richard Wheeler

 Mary Wheeler

 Ephriam Wheeler

unsubstantiated data

 Born in 1531 in Odell, Bedfordshire

 Born in 1541 in Odell, Bedfordshire

 Son of Obadiah and Elizabeth Wheeler


 John Wheeler

 Alice Sayre

 Married in 1560

 Died April 15, 1567 in Odell, Bedfordshire

 Died in 1567 in Odell, Bedfordshire

William Wheeler 

 Thomas William Wheeler

 Ephriam Wheeler

 unsubstantiated data


 Born in 1506 in Marston, Cheshire

 Born in 1510 in Odell, Bedfordshire

 Son of Henry and Alice Wheeler


 Obadiah Wheeler

 Elizabeth White


 Died in 1536 in Bedfordshire

 Died in 1536 in Bedfordshire

Thomas Wheeler 

 Anne Wheeler

 John Wheeler

 Joan Wheeler

 Agnes Wheeler

unsubstantiated data

Born in 1482 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Born in 1486 in Bedfordsire

 Son of John Wheeler


 Henry Wheeler

 Alice Sugar


 Died March 17, 1557 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Died in 1520 in Bedfordshire

 Obadiah Wheeler

unsubstantiated data

 Born in 1461 in Odell, Bedfordshire


 Son of Henry and Mary Wheeler


 John Wheeler



 Died November 24, 1500


 David Wheeler

 Henry Wheeler

unsubstantiated data

 Born in 1433 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Born in 1438 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Son of Henry and Joan Wheeler


 Henry Wheeler

 Mary Elizabeth Cole

 Married in 1460 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Died in 1470

 Died in 1475 in Bedfordshire

Henry Wheeler 

 John Wheeler

 Thomas Wheeler

 Richard Wheeler

unsubstantiated data

 Born in 1416 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Born in 1420 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Son of Richard and Mary Welere


 Henry Wheeler

 Joan Robyn

 Married in 1440 in Cranfield Parish, Bedfordshire

 Died in 1470 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Died in 1455 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Henry Wheeler

 Richard Wheeler

unsubstantiated data

 Born in 1399 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire

 Born in 1390 in Bedfordshire



 Richard Welere

 Mary Elizabeth

Married in 1435 in Cranfield Parish, Bedfordshire 

 Died in 1439 in Bedfordshire

 Died in 1440 in Bedfordshire

 Henry Wheeler

 Benjamin C Wheeler

unsubstantiated data

 Born in 1605 in Glamorgan, Wales

 possibly Born in 1626 in England

 Son of William and Jane Williams

or Son of Richard Williams and grandson of William Williams

 Daughter of Samuel Coles

 Mathew Williams

 Susan Coles


 Died in 1679 in Wethersfield, CT

 possibly Died in 1659

 Amos Williams

 Matthew Williams

 Mathew Williams

 Samuel Williams

possible record from 1623 as residing in Hartford, CT
Scanned pages from an unnamed text, gramatically similar to early to mid twentieth century historical writing states:
Mathew Williams spent some time at Watertown, Massachusetts, upon hearing stories from fur traders, in 1642 decided to move to Pyquag which would later become Wethersfield, CT.  He was a brickmaker and a yeoman which was in some way related to his cattle brand.  After 1655 he moved to Long Ilsand, and later to Barbadoes, while maintaining his property at 'Wethersfield Colony' maintained by his family.  On January 14, 1678 he had a ticket to return to the Colony with 1 slave.  In 1680 his wife Susanna petitioned for the division of his estate between his three sons.  Susan was English Born and 
Further records of genealogy listed in "Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of the First Planters".
On July 10, 1645 Mathew and Susan were convicted of fornication.  Mathew was sentenced to be twice whipped an pay a fine of 5 pounds (2012 equivalent £661).  Susan was sentence to be twice whipped on that day and once more whipped on the 'next lecture'.  
On December 4, 1645 Mathew was sentenced to pay support for his child being carried by Susan; who would become Amos.
In "Court Held at Salem, 12:5:1642 shows that Mathew purchased a 5-acre plot of land.
Mathew is also referenced in "The history of ancient Wethersfield, Connecticut : comprising the present towns of Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, and Newington"
In another 1645 court record Susan was sentenced as follows: Susan Coles for her rebellious cariedge towards her mistress, is to be sent to the house of correction and be kept to hard labor and a course diet, to be brought forth to the next lecture day to be publicly corrected, and so to be corrected weekly until order be given to the contrary.


Restraining Order against Mathew Williams


Lawsuit against Mathew Williams


Mathew Williams Probate


Mathew Williams & Susan Coles Fornication Conviction


Mathew Williams Property Judgement


Mathew Williams Lawsuit


The History of Ancient Wethersfield names Mathew  and Sussana Williams


Susan Coles' Conviction of Disrespecting Employer

 Mathew Williams Document


"Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of the First Planters" discusses the descendants of Mathew Williams



 Born in 1555 in Hunterdon, Gloucester

 Born in 1575

 Son of John and Theobald Williams


 William Williams

 Jane Woodward

William first married Jane Shepard in 1585

Married December 4, 1603 in Glouchestershire 

 Died September 29, 1618 in Synwell, Gloutershire


William Williams

 Ann Williams

 Elizabeth Williams

 Mathew Williams

 Richard Williams

 Jane Williams

 Roger Williams

 Elizabeth Williams

 John Williams

 Samuel Williams

 William Williams

Marriage records show both of William's marriages.
However, fathership is contradictory to document saying Mathew Williams was son of Richard Williams who was cousin to William Williams of Glamorgnshire Wales.  Since this William Williams is not Welsh, I am stopping this line here despite further records on this William's line.