Born April 14, 1879 in Warren, IL.

Born December 16, 1882 in Cameron, IL.

Son of Stuart Williamson and Elizabeth Jones

Daughter of Robert Goddard and Mary Newkirk

Henry Clyde Williamson

Ada Loretta Goddard

Married 14, 1906

Died December 29, 1961 in Santa Paula, CA.

Died in November 5, 1967 in Santa Paula, CA.

 Ada Blanch Williamsson

Francis Williamson b. 1916 in IL 


 Henry's Death Certificate says December 29, 1961 but most other info is missing.

Ada's death certificate says died November 5, 1967 and disagrees with birth saying December 15, 1882.  I am keeping family birth because death certificate is so scant.

The 1880 Census has Henry living with his parents in Cedar, Knox, IL.   

The 1900 Census has Henry living with his parents in Cedar, Knox, IL. 

The 1910 Census has them living in Floyd, Warren, IL.  It lists Robert and Nellie B Goddard as living with them, as in-laws.  It lists Ada's father as being born in Illinois and her mother from Indiana, however it says the same for Henry's parents.

The 1920 Census has them living in Weld, CO.  It lists Clyde as being born in 1880.  

The 1930 Census has them living in Littleton, Arapahoe, CO.  





Henry and Ada on wedding day 1906


Baby Ada at 3 months


Clyde and Ada 1949









Born March 10, 1847 in Illinois.

Born May 29, 1855 in Monmouth, IL.

Son of James Williamson and Symphronia Bland


Henry Stuart (Stewart) Williamson

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jones

Married in 1875

Died April 30, 1920 in Galesburg, IL.

Died in 1911

 Minnie Williamson b. 1875 in IL

 Guy Williamson b. 1877 in IL

 Henry Clyde Williamson

 Laura Williamson b. 1886 in IL

 Cora or Clara Williamson b. 1888 in IL

 Ethel Williamson b. 1890 in IL

James Williamson b. 1892 in IL

The 1850 Census lists a Henry S Williamson born 1847 as living with his parents James and Symphronia in Knox, IL.  

The 1870 Census lists a Henry S Williamson born 1848 as an unrelated resident in a house in IL

The 1880 Census has them living in Cedar, Knox, IL.  It lists Stewart as a farmer.  It has his birth in 1848.  It says Elizabeth's parents were both born in Virginia.   

The 1900 Census has them living in Cedar, Knox, IL.  It has their marriage as 1875 and still lists both her parents as being from Virginia.  It lists Stuart as H S Williamson.  

The 1910 Census has them living with Clara and Ethel in Galesburg, Knox, IL.  It has a third confirmation that Elizabeth's parents were from Virginia. It lists Stuart as Henry S.

H. S. Williamson's death certificate says he was a janitor in a telephone building and lived in Galesburg, Knox, IL.  He was buried May 2, 1920 in Abingdon. 



Born November 14, 1822 in Indiana.

Born April 20, 1827 in Crawford, IN.

Son of William Thomas Williamson and Elizabeth Jud

Daughter of Joshua Bland and Mary (?)

James W Williamson

Symphronia Bland

(aka Sinfronia, Simphronea, Symfronia, Simphrona, Sophrona)

Married July 4, 1844 in Illinois.

Died in Illinois

Died in Illinois

Mary E Williamson b. 1845 in IL

 Henry Stuart Williamson

Francis M Williamson b. 1848 in IL

James was recorded as a farmer by the US Census.

The 1850 Census lists James and Symphronia living in Knox, IL with their children.  

The 1870 and 1880 1900 Censuses list James as residing in Illinois.

The 1900 Census lists James & Sinfronia as residing in Abingdon City, Knox, IL.


Born in Virginia.

Born in Virginia.



Joshua Bland

Mary (?)


Died in Illinois.

Died in Illinois.

Symphronia Bland



Born in North Carolina.

Born in North Carolina.


Daughter of Robert Jud and Rachel (?)

William Thomas Williamson

Elizabeth Jud



Died in Illinois.

Died in Illinois.

James Williamson



Born August 18, 1844 in Cameron, IL.

Born in Illinois or Indiana. 

Son of Francis Porter Goddard and Margaret Groves

Daughter of Artemedores Ward Newkirk and Lucretia Ann Thurston

Robert Goddard

Mary (Molly) Newkirk

Married February 28, 1875

Died in Cameron, IL.


 Robert Goddard

Ada Loretta Goddard



Born October 19, 1797  in Flemming, KY.

 Born in Kentucky in 1803

Son of Joseph Goddard and Frances Glassock


Francis Porter Goddard

Margaret Groves

Married in 1832

Died in Cameron, IL.


 Francis Goddard b. 1829 IN

Sarah Ann Goddard b. 1834 IN

 George Goddard b. 1837 IL

 Henry Goddard b. 1838 IL

 David Goddard b. 1840 IL

 James Goddard b. 1842 IL

 Robert Goddard

Angeline Goddard b. 1848 IL

 The 1850 Census lists a Francis P and Margaret Goddard in Warren, IL.

The 1860 Census lists Margaret unaffiliated with anyone else in Warren, IL.  Separately it lists Francis Goddard in Floyd Township, Warren, IL.

The 1870 Census lists Francis P and Margaret Goddard alone in Illinois.

The 1880 Census lists a Francis Goddard living with John and Mary Norris in Illinois and states his parents were from Virginia.  The relationship is listed as father-in-law.  Mary was listed born 1828.



 Margeret Groves


Born in 1759 in Fauquair, VA.

Born October 1, 1761in Virginia.

Son of John Goddard and Mary Motier


Joseph Goddard

Frances Glassock

Married September 20, 1780

Died June 28, 1844 in Flemming, KY.

Died July 6, 1844 in Vevay, IN.

Francis Porter Goddard



Born in 1727 in England.

Born in 1734 inVirginia.



John Goddard

Mary Motier



Died in 1820 in Flemmingsburg, KY.

Died in 1828 in Flemmingsburg, KY.

Joseph Goddard



Born May 31, 1805

Born in 1821

Son of Henry Conckright Newkirk and Julia Ann Taylor


Artemedores Ward Newkirk

Lucretia Ann Thurston




Died July, 31 1890 in Platt City, MO.

Mary Newkirk



Born in 1760

Born September 20, 1770

Son of Henry Newkirk and Agnes Anna White


Henry Conckright Newkirk

Julia Ann Taylor




Died September 25, 1836

Artemedores Ward Newkirk