Here you can find projects that I have lead or uniquely contributed towards.





















 Vanguard Diversity Advancement Committee

Below you will find pictures of diversity projects that I either lead or contributed towards.  Participating in this mission was my best time at Vanguard.  I'm sure Vanguard will want me to note that these items do not represent their corporate policies or beliefs.

Unfortunately I didn't always have my camera.





 -Diversity Awareness Competition

Each year we had an annual competition where each team across the company would design our work areas to look like a country and present a cultural introduction.  We won!  We had a display of South Korea with a miniature house built off of cubicles, a city street, a shipping center, and a street vendor with Korean snacks and drinks.

Designing for our team, Team Williams, was Michael Plink, Andrew Sohn, and myself.  I designed and built the roof and the street signs.

Also in the pictures, in the back (shipping center) are boxes from leading Korean manufacturers, a screen and projector playing documentaries about Korean culture, and inside the miniature house is a tea ceremony placement.
















-Asian American and Jewish American Heritage Month

This was a board that I lead and designed but had many great people to help me work on it.  You can see the map we created of the complete Asian continent. 

Vertically along the left and right you will see the following languages listed, written in their own scripts: Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, and Vietnamese.  Throughout the map you will see pictures representing important cultural aspects and slides containing an introduction to cultural histories.  Not pictured in front of the board was a table containing books and other items from around the continent and sample packaged snacks.
















-Marriage, Family, and Religion: The Heart of Diversity

Not all months had pre-defined topics to present.  This month I lead and designed the below board, again with a great team to accomplish it.

The image of the bird is also a river with tributaries that flow away from each other at some points, but then intersect at others.  It flows from the top right picture of Mount Olympus to the green wave in the bottom right.  On the orange background are religions: Shamanism, Ancient Egyptian, Yanonami, Iroquois, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Daoism, and Coptic Christianity.  On the Green background are varying anthropological summaries of different marriage and family patterns.
















-Understanding How We All Fit Together

This was from another month without a predefined topic.  I lead this month's project but the design was a creation of Liliana Ardiles, and again with a great team.

We combined topics on: primate intelligence, the concept of Self-Determination with examples, traditional body art, academically defining culture, traditional medicine, prehistoric medicine, language extinction, cross -cultural comparisons of child development exemplified by case studies on education issues with minority children, social child sleep patterns, gender identification, and centrism of the child within Gypsy culture.
















-Older Americans Leading the Way

This was a board for Older Americans Month.  It was lead by Lori Walters, but it will always be dear to me because we got to spend an hour speaking with John Bogle about how the concept of investing has changed over his lifetime.  He was the creator of the first Index Fund and the founder of Vanguard.  He is a wise man and a saint in a industry full of devils.

The board compares statistical differences in cost of living and investment from 1957-2007.  In front was a table with original magazines from that year. 
















-Environmental Awareness Month

This board was lead by Rodliz Gilpin Jackson.  It was my idea to create the printed slides in the shapes of leaves.  On them are presentations about: the Green Olympics, Renewable Energy, Air Pollution Reduction, Water Ecosystem Preservation, Solar Power, Hybrid Trees, Propagation Strategies, and some of the measures being taken by our company and by those of us who worked on the project. 
















-Diversity Newsletter

For a short period we had a departmental quarterly newsletter lead by Jessica Ehresman.  Below you will find copies of contributions I made:

Article: Majority Tyranny

Article: Winter Solstice Holidays

Film Review: 'The Rebel' a hit Vietnamese film.

Activity: Hieroglyphic Translation Challenge






Carpentry & Landscaping

One of the things I enjoy most, and on which I spend most of my time, is renovating my 115 year old home. 





Double swinging gate.

Our house has a very wide driveway and I had an issue with people staying out of it.  I designed and built this double swinging gate.   It has 4 sections: 2 innersections that are mounted to 6x6 beams cemented into the ground as posts, and 2 smaller inner sections that fold over the outer sections.  The driveway easily fits 3 cars side-by-side, although there is enough space for 4 cars side-by-side.  The primary car we park in the center so the inner sections we keep open during the day so that car can easily come and go.  Then our secondary cars can leave by pulling up a steel column from the ground and swining out an outer sections.

I had never seen a gate like this before, but that was no reason it couldn't be done.
















Stone and Fruit Yard

As you can see the original yard was overwhelming crab grass that sat 6 inches higher than the sidewalk due to 100 years of buildup.  I dug out the dirt giving the sidewalke drainage and planted my own little eden.  You can see a peach tree, 3 grape vines, a blackberry bush, a strawberry bush, and 2 blueberry bushes.  Not pictured in another part of my yard I have another grape vine and another blackberry bush.  We purchased the house with the largest yard on the block.  I also have a spruce tree, cherry blossom tree and cherry tree in the front but I'm not done renovating the front yet. 
















Coat Closet

This was a simple and tiny project to use a vacant space below our entry staircase into a coat rack to match the period style of the home.  To be as close as I could, I used oak wood with brass fittings.  I will update the pictures after I put in a marble floor that is still on my To Do List. 
















Bamboo Hardwood Floor

When we bought our house there was cheap carpet in the dining room and living room.  We decided to go with vertical bamboo hardwood for durability, strength, environmental suitability, and the fact that vertical bamboo has many shades together so it pulls togeher all of our other hardwood items from different types of wood and stains from different decades.  There are other things I want to do to the living room before I post photos of it.
















Other Projects 





Security Cameras

I paid for college working as an armed guard.  One thing I learned is that a camera is the most effective security.  I installed a camera system on my home so I can observe and record.  It is hooked up to my wireless network so I can view them on any computer in the house, or away from home through the internet or my cellphone.